Selecting kitchen cabinetry: Don’t miss these essential guidelines

Renovating your kitchen or installing cabinets in a new home can be an enthralling project. While you can always choose to rely on interior magazines for solutions, the best idea is to work with a local contractor and supplier who can offer bespoke solutions. If you are located in Hallandale, Borgani Kitchens & Custom Closets can be a great option. In this post, we are discussing what it takes to choose kitchen cabinetry.

Decide your budget

Your budget will determine whether you can get prefabricated or customer cabinets. There is also the third option of semi-custom designs. If you don’t mind spending more, custom cabinetry is always the best, as you can choose the material and get the design you like. Installation costs, hardware expenses, and the material would determine the final estimate.

Maximize the storage

Extra storage and cabinetry in a kitchen never hurt. You can make the most of available wall space to create new storage space, which can be used to keep clutter out of sight. Ensure you check the design options and include a mix of drawers and cabinets.

Make room for appliances

Built-in appliances can help save considerable wall space and should be a part of the cabinetry design. You may not need all sorts of electronic products in the kitchen, but consider the basics, such as the microwave and oven. If the cabinets flow around these appliances, the space will look more organized.

Decide the theme

Your cabinetry should work with the rest of the kitchen theme, and therefore, consider the countertops, flooring, wall color, and other details, especially if you are not changing everything at once. The idea is to have a uniform kitchen that also has aesthetic appeal.

Consider the finish and hardware

Glossy cabinetry is a great choice, but many homeowners prefer custom matte finishes, too. Talk to the contractor and ask for a few samples to understand what the final look would be like. You can also visit the showroom of the contractors or check some of their existing sites for a few ideas. The hardware should be durable and must not rust with time.

Before you decide, get a visual representation of your new kitchen cabinetry from the contractor. Also, set a budget and deadline for the project so that you don’t miss essential details, along with the terms & conditions of their contract. There should be some form of warranty on new cabinets.