Wi-Fi and Networking for the Home

Ever wanted to throw your laptop out the window because the internet was moving at a glacial pace? Or screamed into the couch cushion while waiting for a movie to buffer for the tenth time? Networking problems like these can pop up as you add more devices to your home, and as the quality of the content that you can stream improves.


Many homeowners don’t realize that as wireless demands increase, they need to upgrade their wireless system to keep up. At the top of the list should be a router that can deliver the speed you need, as well as access points to take care of any dead zones in your home. Over the years, I’ve worked with several different networking solutions, and these are some of the best:


Ubiquiti: Ubiquiti provides software and hardware network solutions for huge enterprises and homeowners alike. Its Amplifi product brings highly powerful Wi-Fi to the home with blazing speed and mesh points to extend coverage throughout the whole house.


Ruckus: Ruckus offers Wi-Fi solutions for a variety of applications, including higher education, hospitality, retail, and small and medium sized businesses. They deliver cost-effective, flexible, and scalable systems with reliable performance.


Araknis: Araknis’ was founded by custom installers and includes everything from networking equipment to cables, racks, and wiring to create a customized system based on your specific home’s needs.


If you find yourself waiting yet again for a website to load, your home network might need an update. As you work with your installer to address the issues, consider one of these brands – you won’t regret it.


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Bryan Glass