Product Spotlight: Savant Remote + Host

Back in March I wrote a blog post about the Savant brand. In short, I think they’re great. They offer really well-designed products with an intelligent back end that opens up a world of customization options. Today, I’d like to take a closer look at the Savant Remote.

This baby is jam-packed with features, all contained within a small, sleek package. The Savant Remote works with more than 380,000 devices across a wide range of categories including TVs, AV receivers, wireless speakers, lighting, game consoles, streaming devices and more. If you have an entertainment or lighting need, this remote can handle the job.

The possibilities include:

  • Playing music – control your Sonos system right from the Savant remote
  • Watching your favorite TV channels with just a click – input your favorite channels for easy access
  • Voice control – even though the remote has a high-resolution touch screen, you can also choose to speak a command
  • Different user profiles – each member of your family can have their own profiles with their own favorites
  • Lighting control – when paired with Savant’s Lamp Control product, the remote can also adjust the lighting
  • Goodnight function – simply say “Goodnight” and the Savant remote will turn everything off

If you’re looking to consolidate and streamline the control of your devices, the Savant Remote won’t disappoint.


Bryan Glass