I want my 4K content!

4K UHD TVs are the latest innovation in televisions and they’re now affordable to the masses. But to really enjoy all that these TVs have to offer, you need 4K content to watch. This type of content isn’t as widespread as the TVs are, but it’s growing in numbers every day. Here are some of the primary places to find it:

  • Netflix: Offers several original series and movies in 4K, some in HDR. You must subscribe to the Premium plan to access UHD content. You’ll also need to ensure that your internet speed is at least 25Mbps.
  • Amazon: An Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to 4K UHD versions of most of Amazon’s original series as well as other non-Amazon series and movies. HDR versions are also available for many Amazon original series.
  • Vudu: One of the best places for finding a sizable library of 4K movies. You’ll need a Vizio, Roku, or LG 4K TV, or a 4K-enabled Roku device to access Vudu.
  • YouTube: Not as many shows or movies here, but plenty of 4K clips, and mostly for free.
  • Blu-Ray: For a non-streaming option, consider 4K UHD Blu-ray players and discs.

There are several other players in the 4K content game – this Digital Trends article provides a detailed look at the services above plus the other 4K options that are out there.

Now, go get some popcorn, kick your feet up and enjoy the show.