Music is in the Air

The time for outdoor living is just about here. Time to shake the dust out of your patio cushions and arrange the deck furniture. Time to clean up your landscaping and get the pool ready. And time to think about upgrading or adding a new outdoor audio system.

Nothing completes an al fresco dinner party or evening dip in the pool like a summer playlist, wafting on the breeze. And like the rest of smart home technology, today’s outdoor audio systems score high marks for quality, convenience and versatility. Before you start building your patio party setlist, let’s run down some of the perks of an outdoor audio system:

  • They’re built to last. Outdoor systems are designed to be rugged and all-weather to stand up to rain, wind, snow, and extreme cold and heat. Your investment will perform for years to come.
  • They’re built to be heard, not seen. Most providers (Sonance is a great one) offer options that can be hidden within your landscaping or in walls and ceilings. Subterranean subwoofers and speakers disguised as rocks all help to create the illusion of music floating in the air.
  • They’re smart phone enabled. Some outdoor audio systems can be controlled with your smartphone, for the utmost in convenience and ease of use.

If you’ve already invested in an outdoor audio system that has since become outdated, don’t despair. It’s fairly simple to take an older system and modernize it.

As you migrate to the great outdoors this season, remember to take your tunes with you!

Bryan Glass