Savant Product Highlight

In my 20-plus years in the home automation world, I’ve worked with my fair share of products and systems - some great, some not so great. Recently, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Savant brand.

Savant is a premium home automation system that promises to “elevate your everyday”. It’s sleek, simple and does an excellent job of catering to homeowners, showing them with gorgeous imagery and compelling text just how wonderful a Savant home can be. As an integrator with experience working with them, I can tell you that their promises hold true.

From my perspective, the beauty of Savant is in the possibilities it offers. With other automation systems, sometimes integrating and connecting across products and platforms is a struggle. Not so with Savant. It’s ease of use hides a very elegant and robust backend that’s been programmed to work, and to work well. This opens the doors to more customization and a highly personalized smart home.

Let’s take a quick look at what Savant offers:

Single app control –Lighting, climate, entertainment and security can all be managed from one easy-to-use app and can be accessed remotely.

Adaptable – Savant will work with a wide array of home systems, including pools and home theaters.

Savant Scenes – These are where the personalization comes in. Create a scene for every mood and situation for a tailor-made home experience.

Profiles – Create different profiles for different users in the home, from your spouse to the sitter for customized comfort at the individual level.

If you’re thinking about going smart and want to learn more about the Savant solution, contact us!