Sonos vs. HEOS

For those of you relatively new to the wireless home sound system world, you may or may not know that Sonos isn’t the only game in town. There are a few competitors out there, but one that is really closing the gap and emerging as a viable alternative to Sonos, is HEOS.

HEOS is Denon’s line of wireless speakers, which offers a range of products similar to those of Sonos. The breakdown of offerings looks like this:

HEOS 1: $199

Sonos Play:1: $199

HEOS 3: $299

Sonos Play:3: $299

HEOS 5: $399

Sonos Play:5: $499

HEOS 7: $599

HEOS HomeCinema: $799 (Subwoofer incl)

Sonos Playbar: $699

HEOS Subwoofer: $599

Sonos SUB: $699

Sonos Playbase: $699

HEOS Bar: $899

So how do they compare? There are lots of small differences on a product-by-product basis. But if we take the 1,000 foot view, both are excellent systems.

If you’re an audiophile, you’ll definitely want to give HEOS a second look. Denon has a 100-year history in audio and it shows in the performance of the HEOS line. Plus, HEOS offers hi-res audio support, which isn’t available in the Sonos line, as yet. HEOS also offers more input options, including USB, line-in, Ethernet and Bluetooth.

If you’re not as in touch with your inner music geek, and are looking for simplicity and reliable performance, Sonos is a great option. Setting up the system and using the Sonos app are a breeze. The Sonos software allows you to access and search music across various sources (like your computer or Spotify subscription) seamlessly so that you can find the music you want in an instant. And with those conveniences , you still get solid sound quality.

The net:net is that you can’t go wrong with either brand - both are fantastic options for a wireless home audio system.

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