What is Your Smart Home’s IQ?

The term “smart home” is having a moment right now. Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants one, but there are varying definitions of what exactly a smart home is. For some, you’ve got a smart home if you have a few smart products, like Sonos or Nest. For others, it might mean having a whole-home lighting system that operates without you ever touching a switch. These homes are smarter than the average, but still in the middle of their class. The smart home that really blows my hair back is the overachiever – the one with the genius IQ.


The “smartest” smart homes automate the entire at-home experience. Lighting, climate, music, and shades are interconnected and operated from a single system. All of the different ways you enjoy your home, from parties to quiet movie nights, are recognized by the smart home which adjusts accordingly with just a single click. A smart home begins to learn your patterns and changes systems as needed for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.


What I love most is the level of intricacy that can be programmed into these smartest of smart homes. You want to blast Springsteen in the kitchen while you cook, but want Bach playing softly in the office? Done. You want the house to recognize that you’re pulling in the driveway and turn on the lights on the porch, the foyer and the living room, turn on your favorite playlist, and draw the shades? Done. You’re concerned about energy efficiency? We’ll set the lighting system to run at 90% (you’ll never notice the difference) and the thermostat will automatically adjust when you’re not at home.


The possibilities with a true smart home are endless. They work together to create a home that’s more yours than ever before. If you’re gonna go smart – go with the genius.