Alexa Beyond the Echo

You know Alexa as the voice of Amazon’s Echo. She turns on your Pandora playlist and tells you the weather for the day. But in the past year or so, Alexa has been busy with much more than reading you the news and giving you traffic alerts. She has been making friends with an impressive lineup of smart products, giving her a whole new list of capabilities. And more and more products are being introduced every day with Alexa built in, or with skills that work with Alexa seamlessly. In the world of digital assistants, Alexa has become somewhat of a superhero.

Alexa, and the other devices that are sure to follow in her footsteps, are making an entirely voice-operated smart home a possibility today. Thanks to Amazon’s Smart Home Skill API, smart home professionals can add capabilities to Alexa so that homeowners can control their smart home devices via voice. That means you can say, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light” or “Alexa, turn up the heat” or even “Alexa, turn on the alarm”. There are even new refrigerators coming out with Alexa built in so that you can add items to your shopping list or order them straight from Amazon. Who needs a grocery store when you can just say “Alexa, order more milk”?

Alexa has even made the leap to cars, teaming up with Ford SYNC to allow drivers to request news, listen to music, add items to shopping lists and control smart home functions like lights, security and garage doors.

Amazon’s open API allows anyone to create a skill and upload it for the world to use, which is fueling the spread of Alexa into products far and wide. The list of integrations continues to grow, but this page does a great job of summarizing all the devices that Alexa can control to date.

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